Benefits of Yoga

During a global pandemic

In a time where there are so many anxieties and unanswered questions about our health, work, lifestyles and future more and more people are turning to yoga to support their own health and well-being. Besides being a fantastic way of getting to move, strengthen and feel at ease in your whole body, yoga is proven to address anxiety and improve wellbeing. It helps you to feel stronger, your mind and body working together, supporting you to find your sense of balance, peace and ease. If you’re one of the many people who are reviewing your lifestyle following lockdown then why not join our online classes? If you’re new to yoga you’ll be able to take things at your own pace and will be in safe hands. If you’re not new then you’ll be able to continue with a sense of progression, learning and feel the benefits of being part of a yoga community. Please contact us for details. We look forward to hearing from you! 

In social isolation

At the beginning of the lockdown I was very resistant to the the idea of joining an online class. I wanted to keep the routine and regular contact I had with my teacher and class mates. I was possibly even more resistant to the idea of teaching online. I’d become a yoga teacher so I could be with people face to face, respond to the energy in the room, and cultivate a connection which supported people to find their way through their yoga practice. I wasn’t sure any of this would even be possible online!  Fast forward 6 months and I can happily say that it’s totally possible to both teach and practice online and that you really can feel a connection with yourself and others in an online class. In fact I’ve found that as a home aloner and now also a home worker this contact with an online community has become a vital source of continuity and community for me in a time of relative isolation. Doing yoga online has given me time for myself, away from shocking news stories, social media, work, and even from the pressure of chatting with friends and family on zoom, suddenly having to get my head around a new social world which seemed to require participation in endless quizzes! I was thinking about all of this this morning and realised I shouldn’t be surprised about how essential yoga has been during this time. In essence yoga is a practice which can always be with you. A steady and constant presence when everything else is at sea. And when you get distracted, put it down for a while and come back to it later, however long it’s been, there it is again, waiting to pick up where you left off. Always going with you to new places and horizons. How grateful I am for this. 

At Work

Yoga is proven to address two of the most pressing issues currently facing employers and employees in the workplace; increasing levels of stress and absence relating to anxiety, depression and back pain.

​Yoga improves posture, reduces back pain, stress and anxiety, and contributes towards decreased levels of sickness and staff turnover. It can help to increase productivity, motivation and feeling of well-being at work . Yoga can help to make your workplace a happier, healthier place to be.

Perfect for employers who want to

Join the growing numbers of UK employers in Halifax and across Yorkshire and the North West who are introducing staff well-being schemes and investing in their staff teams
Build resilience and positive relationships within their teams
Unlock greater creativity and productivity within the workplace
Improve health for staff who sit, stand or look at screens for long periods
Dedicate time and space for their staff to practice yoga before work, during lunch breaks or after work

‘I feel so much stronger, more flexible and my anxiety is much less… I have learned some techniques to manage this better’ – Women Centre Huddersfield

Perfect for employees who want to

Be more physically active
Feel healthier, calmer and more relaxed during the day and have improved sleep at night
Stretch and experience improved posture, flexibility, health and well-being
Reduce their levels of stress, anxiety and depression

‘I can now get down and up from the floor easily, this was impossible before the yoga classes. I am in my sixties so doing yoga is really important to keep everything moving’ – WomenCentre Huddersfield

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